Rain, rain , go away...

Rain, rain , go away...

Well, it's been a while since my last chat - this time it's really to say how sick of the rain we are! The Tamar continues to run high (as you can see on the webcam and slightly dirty ... perhaps we had better accept this as norm for the Summer of 2012!

I popped out for half a day last week between rain storms and caught a nice 2 lb seatrout - this time the family devoured it...delicious! I very much follow the catch and return policy  - but as it's the first one to end up in the pot this year I am happy.

We are revving up for the Devon and Cornwall Countryman's Fair where there will be casting demonstrations and competitions for the juniors (and perhaps not so junior too!). Gerald Spiers, a local AAPGAI, is organising it so it should prove to be a great day out for everyone.